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AV Trade Talk: Thoughtful Rebranding, Talking to Joe Whitaker About his Company’s Rebranding Effort, Why it Happened and What Went into it

May 30, 2019

Consolidating multiple businesses into one isn't an easy task. Hear how Joe Whitaker went about his company's rebranding effort, why it happened and what went into the transition from Thoughtful Home, Thoughtful Restaurant, and other brands into one, Thoughtful Integrations. Joe also shares valuable tips and insights for integration pros to consider when putting together events, how to involve vendors, partners, and local businesses, and ways to align with the NKBA, NAHB, CEDIA, and other organizations to increase your brand's visibility with the adjacent trades and their customers. We talk about Gary Vee and the influence on Joe's approach to business and the importance of Business Karma and being a good partner to your community. Which, includes ways integration pros can help communities prepare, survive, and recover from natural disasters such as that what is happening across the midwest currently. Bring a notebook when you listen to this one, lots of great takeaways and actionable insights!