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AVbites: Game Meat


For many, game meat is a healthy alternative to commercial or farmed varieties. In this AV Foodies Detour Series episode guests share some of their favorite types, cuts, how to make a great meal with game meat and what not to do. Hint: don't eat "gamey" smelling or tasing meat, do try sous vide, less is more when seasoning, and so much more. Tune-in, #AVfoodies, you'll learn something new, for sure!

AVbites: Gardening through the pandemic


Ah, the humble home garden. What was once a weekend hobby has become a COVID escape and success story, of sorts. Diverse and abundant harvests lead to creative home-cooked meals and something to share with neighbors, family, and friends. Perfectly-timed with the start of Autumn, we talk about different gardening styles, which veggies and fruits were most successful this year. We ALSO learn not only the British term for Zucchini but also what a Veggetti is, that an all-in-one toaster-oven-broiler-air fryer-and a dehydrator can all harmoniously exist in one unit, and that while Gina doesn't like single-purpose kitchen tools others find them very useful. Loads of laughs in this one and some solid tips and recipes, too. Tune-in, #AVfoodies, you'll learn (and laugh) a lot! #AVfoodies #AVtweeps

Hosts Katye McGregor Bennett, Vijita U.G.

Gina Sansivero, Noel Kennedy, Christa Bender

AVbites: Favorite craft cocktails and how to make ‘em


Making craft cocktails at home is an art, one with exceptional rewards. International award-winning bartender Jeff Savage of Botanist in Vancouver, Canada shares his take on the Cordial as well as some great tips and tricks only the pros know (like, how to make directional ice and why you'd want to in in the first place). Brother Jayson Savage, who those of you in the CEDIA channel may know from Sony, discusses the finer points of the NutraBullet's ability to crush a Pina Colada, while Barrie McCorkle (of D-Tools) takes us on a tour of his multi-page martini list then shows us how to make one of his faves, the Barrie Refresher. Shawn Tobin (of EmeraldX) brings it home with his go-to summer rum drink, made in group-worthy volumes, perfect for a party (socially distanced, of course). Heard of the Famous Tommy's Margarita? We talk about that, too. Tune-in, #AVfoodies, you're gonna love this one! #AVintheAM #AVtweeps

Creating effective WFH and e-learning spaces in homes throughout the NY tri-state area; A talk with The Source Home Theater Installation & Design Corp’s Todd Anthony Puma


Creating effective WFH and e-learning environments quickly and with minimal onsite time is an art and one The Source Home Theater Installation and Design proudly offers to clients through the NY tri-state area. CEO Todd Anthony Puma shares how The Source integrates Crestron Mercury, Logitech, and other brands to make it happen. Download and tune-in, #AVtweeps, you'll hear some great tips!

AVbites: EPIC Burgers; what we dream of, where we get ‘em, how we make ‘em


You know that burger, the one that you dream of and hope to make at home some day? We talk about that with guests Shawn Tobin, Patty Wanzer, and Philip Leimbach, who share their recipes and tips & tricks. Tune-in, #AVtweeps and #AVfoodies!


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AVbites: Talkin’ all things Pizza; Forno Bravo and Ooni ovens and our favorite techniques, recipes, and lessons learned


Eh, yo, love homemade pizza? Ah, then, tune-in to this one, for sure. We talk about the Forno Bravo and Ooni pizza ovens and guests Mark Decker, Mark Fielder, Rob Keeler, and co-host Vijita U.G. share their favorite recipes, types, tips & techniques, and there's some talk about hydration, 00 vs. AP flour, pizza stones and steels, and the role corn meal plays. Yes, we even discuss the great pineapple debate. Grab a pen and paper for this one, whether a novice pizzaiolo/pizzaioli (pizza maker) or just one who loves a good pizza pie, you'll want to take notes. #AVfoodies unite!


#AVtweeps @views_by_v @katyemcgregor @TheMarkDecker1 #AVfoodies #AVbites #KMBpodcasts -- With mentions of @FornoBravo @OoniHQ

Checking out cyberManor’s New Home Tech Experience Center in Los Gatos, CA

A detailed tour of cyberManor's new home tech show house in Los Gatos, CA features the best in tech and top-of-the connected kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures, all seamlessly controlled by voice and traditional home automation system. A connected in-car experience extends the home's capabilities and an energy management and storage system provides clean, affordable power for it all. Tune-in to hear how it was done and how integrators and designers & architects can work together to create similar tech-enhanced homes that are easy to execute and thoroughly enjoyable. Download, listen, and share your thoughts!

AVbites: Grillin’ & Chillin’ this summer

Summertime grillin' & chillin' season is here! Guests Mark Okern, Nancy Blanchard, Zach Gamez, and co-host Vijita UG share their favorite things to grill, recipes, cuts of meat, and we have a lengthy talk about spices, rubs, and sauces. Heard of Meat Church? We talk about their videos, spice mixes, and how to get the best results from the grill, smoker, and oven. Tune-in, #AVtweeps, this is a fun-filled show with lots of tips, recipes, and laughs. #AVfoodies unite!


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Ready for takeoff? AtlasIED’s about to unleash AMAZING new audio tech — hear about it here, 1st!

AtlasIED reveals some details about the live lift-off event taking place at a secret location on July 28th where a brand new platform and associated products will launch. Following the event, guests who have registered will be invited to a live virtual demo room, offered by appointment only, to learn more about new platform and product. Presented virtually but to provide a similar experience as in-person audio demo rooms at trade shows, AtlasIED will staff the demos with on-staff product managers three times a day for three days. Download and tune-in to learn what they're doing, how they'll pull it all off, and what you need to do to be a part of it all. Don't miss this one, #AVtweeps!

Savant talks about WiSA and AVB technology

Savant's Steve Silberman talks about WiSA and AVB technology, what it means and how to integrate it using Savant's lineup of audio solutions.



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