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AV Trade Talk: IoT and Wellness Tech, what you need to know. A chat with Mike Maniscalco.

August 5, 2019

As a tech and IoT expert as well as a father of a young son living with Type-1 Diabetes, Mike Maniscalco founded Better Living Technologies to ease the burden of chronic disease management through better visibility and insights into health data. In this special episode Mike shares how he's leveraging his smart home tech integration expertise to help caregivers reduce stress and anxiety while at the same time, gain a better understanding of disease trends through new Type-1 Diabetes tech that's allowing CGM and pump data to be more accessible and insightful by distributing information across interfaces patients and caregivers use in their everyday lives including smartwatches, phone, personal computers, Alexa and even Diabetes mood lights that change color with blood sugars. Tune-in, download, and listen, this is a very insightful and important talk for anyone in the wellness or wellness tech field, the AV industry, or whose lives are touched by Type-1 Diabetes or that serve as a caregiver. Learn more at www.betterlivingtech.net and follow @gtscalco to stay up to speed on developments. #avtweeps @katyemcgregor #avtt #podcast @CEDIA #tech #t1d