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AV Trade Talk: Thoughtful Rebranding, Talking to Joe Whitaker About his Company’s Rebranding Effort, Why it Happened and What Went into it

Consolidating multiple businesses into one isn't an easy task. Hear how Joe Whitaker went about his company's rebranding effort, why it happened and what went into the transition from Thoughtful Home, Thoughtful Restaurant, and other brands into one, Thoughtful Integrations. Joe also shares valuable tips and insights for integration pros to consider when putting together events, how to involve vendors, partners, and local businesses, and ways to align with the NKBA, NAHB, CEDIA, and other organizations to increase your brand's visibility with the adjacent trades and their customers. We talk about Gary Vee and the influence on Joe's approach to business and the importance of Business Karma and being a good partner to your community. Which, includes ways integration pros can help communities prepare, survive, and recover from natural disasters such as that what is happening across the midwest currently. Bring a notebook when you listen to this one, lots of great takeaways and actionable insights!

AV Trade Talk: Meeting Melissa Price of Leon

Nearly every brand in the AV space wants to have a closer connection with designers and the design trades. Leon Speakers is leading the charge and taking a bullish approach, appointing a new Director of Strategy, interior designer Melissa Price. Melissa has a lot to share with the AV trade in terms of what's needed and how big a factor technology concealment is in the commercial interior design space. She's got big plans for Leon, too. Listen and learn how she and the Leon team are doubling down on design in 2019.

AV Trade Talk: A Closer Look at CEDIA’s New Reference Theater with Designer/Integrator Dennis Erskine of The Erskine Group

Creating a world-class Reference home theater in a commercial building designed to house offices and an experience center visited by the masses is no small feat. Dennis Erskine of The Erskine Group unpacks the project and shares product & technology consideration insights, how the space and system were designed, and how inherent challenges were overcome to produce what's being called the Best Demo Room in the World. Kevin Main of Torus Power joins to share his experience in the CEDIA HQ Reference Theater and how his company, Torus Power, designed a custom isolation transformer to power and protect the theater. This is a fun one, lean in and enjoy!

AV Trade Talk: Discussing KBIS 2019 and Tech for the Kitchen & Bath. A chat with Gordon van Zuiden of CyberManor.

Episode 2: Discussing KBIS from the tech integrator's perspective, the connected kitchen & bath, new opportunities, and some of Gordon's favorite products + trends.

AV Trade Talk: Talking CES 2019 Hits, Misses, and Trends to Watch.

Episode 1:Discussing CES and notable converged tech + design product introductions, highlights some of the likely trends coming out of it with Ryan Herd (NKBA Insider, tech integration pro), Angel Piontek (Caldwell Banker), George Walter (Rayva Home Theaters), Alex Capecelatro and Stephen Wayne (Josh.ai), Mark Cichowski (Clarity AV, CEDIA Tech Summit).

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