AV Trade Talk

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Ready for takeoff? AtlasIED’s about to unleash AMAZING new audio tech — hear about it here, 1st!

June 30, 2020

AtlasIED reveals some details about the live lift-off event taking place at a secret location on July 28th where a brand new platform and associated products will launch. Following the event, guests who have registered will be invited to a live virtual demo room, offered by appointment only, to learn more about new platform and product. Presented virtually but to provide a similar experience as in-person audio demo rooms at trade shows, AtlasIED will staff the demos with on-staff product managers three times a day for three days. Download and tune-in to learn what they're doing, how they'll pull it all off, and what you need to do to be a part of it all. Don't miss this one, #AVtweeps!