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AVbites: Gardening through the pandemic


Ah, the humble home garden. What was once a weekend hobby has become a COVID escape and success story, of sorts. Diverse and abundant harvests lead to creative home-cooked meals and something to share with neighbors, family, and friends. Perfectly-timed with the start of Autumn, we talk about different gardening styles, which veggies and fruits were most successful this year. We ALSO learn not only the British term for Zucchini but also what a Veggetti is, that an all-in-one toaster-oven-broiler-air fryer-and a dehydrator can all harmoniously exist in one unit, and that while Gina doesn't like single-purpose kitchen tools others find them very useful. Loads of laughs in this one and some solid tips and recipes, too. Tune-in, #AVfoodies, you'll learn (and laugh) a lot! #AVfoodies #AVtweeps

Hosts Katye McGregor Bennett, Vijita U.G.

Gina Sansivero, Noel Kennedy, Christa Bender

AVbites: Favorite craft cocktails and how to make ‘em


Making craft cocktails at home is an art, one with exceptional rewards. International award-winning bartender Jeff Savage of Botanist in Vancouver, Canada shares his take on the Cordial as well as some great tips and tricks only the pros know (like, how to make directional ice and why you'd want to in in the first place). Brother Jayson Savage, who those of you in the CEDIA channel may know from Sony, discusses the finer points of the NutraBullet's ability to crush a Pina Colada, while Barrie McCorkle (of D-Tools) takes us on a tour of his multi-page martini list then shows us how to make one of his faves, the Barrie Refresher. Shawn Tobin (of EmeraldX) brings it home with his go-to summer rum drink, made in group-worthy volumes, perfect for a party (socially distanced, of course). Heard of the Famous Tommy's Margarita? We talk about that, too. Tune-in, #AVfoodies, you're gonna love this one! #AVintheAM #AVtweeps

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