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AV Trade Talk: What CEDIA Expo Attendees Are Excited to See & What Exhibitors are Showcasing.

CEDIA Expo Mashup: Residential tech integration and interior design attendees of CEDIA Expo 2019 share what they're going to see, learn about, what's got their attention, and what trends they're following, and several exhibitors chime in with what they're introducing, showcasing, or teaching while there. Guests include: Anthony Chrisostomo of Home Theater of Long Island, Camilla Ballario of Leon Speakers, Dawn DeLuca of Dawn DeLuca on Design, Gina Sansivero of AtlasIED/MiTek, Gordon van Zuiden of cyberManor, Heather Sidorowicz of Southtown AV, Jamie Briesemeister of Integration Controls, Joe Whitaker of Thoughtful Integrations, Josh Christian of the HTA, Kevin Main of Torus Power, Mark Cichowski of Clarity AV and the CEDIA Tech Summits, Mike Restrepo of Restrepo Innovations, Mitch Klein of the z-Wave Alliance and 2019 CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Ryan Herd of One Sound Choice and Caregiver Smart Solutions, Steve Haas, of SH Acoustics, SteveEvanitsky of Cortex VIP Cinemas, Todd Anthony Puma of The Source Home Theater, and Will Meenan of Zappiti, with commentary by host Katye McGregor Bennett. After CEDIA Expo we'll regroup, together, to see what was indeed hot, what was not, and what the next big thing will be. Download, tune-in, and enjoy! #avtweeps #cediaexpo #kmbpodcasts @CEDIA @CEDIAExpo

AV Trade Talk: Cortex VIP Systems @ CEDIA Expo

Cortex VIP Cinemas exclusively sells and is a worldwide distributor of Dolby Laboratories’ professional cinema products for home use. In this episode, Co-Founders Steve Evanitsky and John Russel share what that means and how the company will demonstrate the revolutionary Dolby CP850-C Audio Processor as part of a Sound Room experience utilizing Pro Audio Technology speakers and components during CEDIA Expo 2019. Designed by the engineers at Dolby Laboratories, the CP850-C Audio Processor embodies the same hardware and software components utilized by commercial theaters across the globe and SR-6 is the only place on the CEDIA Expo show floor to experience it. Download, tune-in, and enjoy! #avtweeps #cediaexpo #kmbpodcasts @CortexVIP @CEDIA @CEDIAExpo

AV Trade Talk: Hero Labs and the Sonic Water Leak Detection System

More than just a water leak detection system, Hero Labs' Sonic learns a home's water usage behavior patterns and charts where water is used, therefore enabling homeowners not only the peace of mind that leaks won't go undetected but that they know how their usage breaks down each month in terms of cost and waste. Fascinating, innovative, and just plain cool, listen in to learn how this new product is coming to market and how CEDIA Expo attendees can get involved with Hero. Download, tune-in, and enjoy! #avtweeps #cediaexpo #kmbpodcasts @WeAreHeroLabs @CEDIA @CEDIAExpo

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